Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance and Support. Continuous enhancement for your website. Web hosting

Website maintenance services at SIM Website Design Malaysia :

Continuous enhancements to your business websites and online store are important to stay on top.

The website needs to be up-to date to address new opportunities and increased business needs. Business-generating website needs to be dynamic. Website text and graphics should be changed frequently to reflect your growth, to make existing customer visit again and new customers up-to-dated. Visitors may not visit again if website remains the same.

Site maintenance should be executed in a professional way to attract more visitors. At Malaysia Web Design and Development centre, we have a pool of experts who are committed in providing website maintenance service.

SIM Malaysia Website Design is in the business for more than 7 years and we look for long term commitment giving our client continuous follow up and service whether you may need support weekly, monthly or yearly. We have a dedicated web team to make enhancements to your website and and support on digital marketing . We offer you speed and reliability in maintenance.

Then we will optimize the web page. The maintenance cost depends on the work involved. We charge a flat rate monthly or yearly for website maintenance.