Web Content Writing

Website content is backbone of your digital presence

Writing website content is not as simple as copy and pasting existing promotional copy. Search engines scroll the content of websites to determine usefulness and ultimately search rankings. Here are just a few of the things to consider when writing web copy.

Get to know your client. Know what they are thinking, what they are searching for and most importantly, the language they use. Consider this. A customer in Malaysia may search for a product using different terms compared to a similar customer in the US. The difference in language and tone also applies to customers of different ages, genders, social statuses and lifestyles.

Apart from being engaging, website copy needs to be informative. This helps direct customers with specific search terms to your website. Search engines also measure the degree of relevance based on the informative nature of copy.

The incorporation of search terms into website copy is a fine art. Adding too many of the same search term creates reader confusion. Search engines treat such sites in a negative manner affecting search rankings. And adding too few search terms will affect the search engine rankings of your website.

Scary? Relax. SIM has a team of skilled website copywriters located around the globe enabling copy to be written in the right language and tone to attract your target audience.