Project Management

Perfect project management skills make successful website projects

To bring about a successful website, which adheres to the goals and objectives of the organization, a highly disciplined planning and management is inevitable. No matter technically informed and professionally experienced the teams are, with out proper management and coordination even a simple project can turn complicated and fail at the end.

A project is normally undertaken to meet certain unique objective and goals and are time bound. It can seem to be an insurmountable task at the initial glance but by proper planning and management it can be split into small easily mountable tasks according to the prebuilt project map.

SIM Malaysia Crew has developed a process to manage your project however big and complex it is. The Project Management process consists of five different phases which includes

Information and objective

What business you are into? What is your company objective? What is your marketing objective? What you want to communicate through your website? Who are your major competitors? This information about your business and industry provides a strong platform to build your website.

We gather a lot of information about your business, your marketing objectives and your industry at this phase. We also gather as much as information about your competitors. This may some time annoy you as we might ask a hundred questions. But once you receive the end product you will be in search of words to appreciate us. A good website can only be created when the developer has all the information possible for his reference.

Creative mapping and brief

This is the phase were we put all the information we have and storm our brains for possibilities to make a great website. We create a clear out line of the project here. During this phase we will have a series of discussions with you to get the feedback about the outline that we have prepared for you. At this phase we think of all the possible strategies that will make the visitors engaged and that which will turn all clicks to sales in your website.

Custom module development

At this phase the early formed outline of the project starts getting the real shape. The website starts developing module wise and each element is built according to the outline or the mapping we have done. We take care about the minute aspects of the shaped outline of the project in this phase. Focus is given to the main objectives and the site will be build search engine friendly and according to the industry standards.

Functionality integration

In this phase of Project Management, we integrate the tailor made modules into one unit forming a website based on the outline drawn on the previous phases. At the end of this stage a quick check is done at the development side to ensure the complete coverage of the requirement.

Testing and Delivery

Once the entire development is complete we test the site for all the bugs. Our dedicated team checks all the minute details of the site and test run it before we can deliver it to you perfect and successful.

SIM's above five-process system help successful completion of small and complex web application projects.