Workflow Software Support

Third-party workflow software support from industry experts. ApogeeX Delano and Prinect

About AGFA : Delano and : Apogee

Faulty communication is the most important problem witnesses by today's competitive print industry environment. With advancing technology and a perfect workflow system print production team and creatives can collaborate easily and communication between customers and printer becomes quick and clear. Proper communication enhances the streamlining of the entire printing processes while maintaining quality standards, which inturn assures cost reduction.

Delano is a whole solution for customer focused web-based project management and consists of several building blocks that can be configured into different configurations. It is a standards-compliant, open platform for process integration and ongoing enhancements of operations. While :Delano can interface with any professional production environment, it does offer enhanced project management capabilities when tied to the :Apogee work-flow solution.

The Adobe PDF Print Engine ensures that what appears on-screen is what gets reproduced on paper. In addition to the Adobe PDF Print Engine, the newest version of the award-winning :ApogeeX workflow includes other solutions that ensure the best possible print production.

Symora Malaysia Press Support has highly skilled prepress printing professionals to handle a variety of Agfa Apogee applications including Delano and other artwork management and print production tools. Please contact us for more details.

Heidelberg Prinect Software Support

Heidelberg Prinect integrates the traditionally separate areas of prepress, press and postpress, automates the entire printing process and boosts your print shop's profitability.

Heidelberg Prinect covers everything from prepress and digital print workflow to make-ready optimization, color, quality, machine operation and a full range of services.

SIM Malaysia prepress crew has hands on experience in handling Heidelberg machines and its entire range of work flow management. We provide you remote staff support at the most affordable cost. Please contact us for more details.

Your custom print workflow Software Maintenance

SIM Malaysia Print Software crew is paving the way for a technologically advanced, most efficient production workflow between the printer, Symora Malaysia crew and the customer or partner through internet (web) based remote access system. The production workflow can be streamlined perfectly with information, approval and coordination processes.