Prepress Services and Print Outsourcing

Bringing down press running cost.

Widen your existing business potentialities, by streamlining your prepress and print outsourcing strategy to higher profit and super efficiency. Unique print outsourcing from Malaysia SIM for Commercial Printers.


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Back-office Prepress Services from Malaysia

Outsourcing prepress operations is the best-available way to reduce your print run costs. You can improve efficiency across your print enterprise, and thereby help increase your profit, with the help a remote, Malaysia based, prepress and print production team.

Prepress and Print Production Staff

SIM provides highly skilled print production staff in Malaysia who are experienced in prepress and post press operations.Malaysia SIM print production team is qualified and experienced to do variety of back-office outsourcing support for commercial printers. Our skilled print professionals can handle printing process efficiently to meet the deadlines of today’s times.


Hire Artwork Operators - Artwork Corrections, Edits support

SIM's team of printing industry experienced graphic designers in Malaysia are prompt with artwork edits, delivery, quality checking and preparing print ready artwork files for production.

Our artwork operators utilize state-of-art software, so artworks are edited and sent as proofs or final print product, swiftly, speedily and efficiently. We have many attractive packages available for printers for their artwork support and

  • inDesign and graphic design needs
  • Hire Artwork Operators in Malaysia
  • Graphic Design and InDesign Layout Artwork


Web-to-Print (Online Printing) and eCommerce solutions

eCommerce, digital marketing and web-to-print solutions are the future for printing industry. Malaysia SIM's printing industry experience helps you to benefit maximum from our advanced web-to-print system.

Web2Print and online ecommerce have become mainstream business within the printing industry. Conventional Printing companies now understand the importance of staying ahead with online business. The Malaysia Print SIM helps you to make maximum use of this opportunity for growth and helps beat competition.

  • Online Printing - Web-to-Print Solutions
  • Outsourced Printing in Malaysia


Digital Marketing for Commercial Printers

Forget old way of advertising in yellow pages and local magazines to get print orders. There is a great opportunity when doing print marketing digitally.

With technology, knowledge and experience, SIM can execute the perfect online print marketing strategy for your press. The Malaysia Print SIM gives you unmatched service in paid online campaigns, SEO, email marketing and social media for your printing press when competition is tough.

  • Digital Marketing for Commercial Printers


Hire full time Estimators

SIM's Malaysia team of print estimators are highly qualified to do the right calculation and print estimation, ALWAYS.

Developing printing estimation or quotes require precision and in depth knowledge about printing industry; simple mistakes can end up in big loss, chances to lose clients and future business may happen. SIM's experienced print production team from Malaysia helps you to avoid these kinds of mistakes.

  • Estimators on hire. Quotes and Estimation Support


Production planning and remote CTP

Imagine the possibilities of doing print production planning and computer-to-plate (CTP) remotely. The smart print SIM from Malaysia can help.

With advanced techniques, Malaysia SIM helps print production schedule jobs to save time and cost. Production planning is all about combining multiple jobs into one for machine runs. SIM converts this into plates and then to paper.

  • Production Planning, Online CTP
  • Error-free Print Job Order Management


Most advanced Press Management System

SIM's advanced Press Management System helps organize your printing press, manage orders, quotes, artworks and customers in an easy and accurate manner.

Press Management Software from SIM Malaysia Print Outsourcing is highly reliable and provides flawless online work process that reduces errors and communication issues in the print workflow.

  • Most advanced Press Management System - Profit from IT


Third party software - ApogeeX Delano and Prinect

The Smart SIM Malaysia prepress team is capable of providing support for softwares like ApogeeX Delano, Prinect and PDF engine which is essential for today's work-flow environment.

Malaysia SIM Press Support has highly skilled prepress printing professionals to handle a variety of third party applications including Delano and other artwork management and print production tools.

  • Support for 3rd Party softwares like ApogeeX Delano, Prinect, PDF Pro, etc.


Technology and Customer Support

SIM can take care of your existing print workflow software by providing continuous maintenance support for errors and enhancements. It is critical to have dedicated support for your current print software and Malaysia SIM knows how to take care of maintaining and enhancing your print or press management system with new features.

We can provide full customer support for your clients. As a back-office for press, we also take care of customer support that gel well with coordinating print production staff and your clients.


Outsource Production Operations

We maximize your advantage with advanced IT support exclusive for printing industry worldwide . With our combined skill set of production planners,artwork/layout operators, estimators, graphic designers and other printing services marketing experts, you get specific solutions for your printing business, including support for your existing print and workflow management software and production operations.Our Malaysia Prepress and Print Production team are highly experienced and well trained to support commercial printing processes and production operations. We have a fool-proof quality checking system while doing artwork and production jobs so that no mistakes are made.