Your Malaysian Outsourcing Partner

Providing a single source for endless outsourced services.

SIM is your doorway to outsourcing to Malaysia. Many companies around the world (maybe even your competitors) already enjoy the benefits of the Malaysian Advantage. SIM helps businesses of every kind, small, medium and large, with a gamut of services, all under one roof.

Why Outsource ?

Many companies around the world are feeling the crunch. Especially in the marketing and IT sectors, budgets and resources are shrinking and demands are escalating. With such pressures, many companies are turning to Malaysia SIM for help.SIM can give you the edge over your competitors – through a wide variety of services, a competitive price, quality and commitment.

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The Benefits

Outsourcing to SIM provides clients with a number of key benefits.

  • Integrated Solutions – providing a one-stop-shop for a variety of requirements.
  • A Multi-disciplinary Approach - most projects are cross-media and interlinked, requiring a variety of skill sets (for example project research and planning, strategy, communications, graphic designing, production and website development).
  • Simplicity - the client needs to only provide one brief for work in different media.
  • Consistency – project output has a consistent quality and look across all project areas.
  • Savings – derived from competitive pricing and improved turnaround time.

The benefits will soon turn into advantages. Malaysia SIM's outsource partners experience the following advantages:

  • Expanded resources.
  • Cost savings.
  • A new source of ideas.
  • Reduced overheads.
  • Networking.
  • Operational control.
  • Staffing flexibility.
  • Specialized project staffing.


All these benefits add up to one key advantage – peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your key activities.

Malaysia IT Back-Office Service Outsourcing

Malaysia is highly regarded as an outsourcing destination for IT back office services.SIM provides quality IT technology professionals, with strong creative and project management skills. Outsourcing to SIM helps you to keep up with new technology, reduces costs and improves the quality of output - giving you the edge over competitors. IT service outsourcing gives you a pool of qualified, skilled and quality resources for your company’s IT department, giving you efficient and cost-effective solutions. You can also outsource part of your requirements to increase efficiency in communication and delivery between you, your client and Malaysia SIM.

Other Outsourced Services

SIM provides a multitude of back-office support services for advertising agencies, marketing agencies, small businesses and start-ups.Whether its graphic design, web design or marketing communications, Malaysia SIM can do it for you, either on a project or partner basis.


Outsourcing to SIM helps you to keep up with new technology, reduces costs and improves the quality of output

Partner with SIM

If you’re feeling the resource crunch, Malaysia SIM can help you get results in an extremely cost effective manner.Many companies around the world have partnered with SIM. The Malaysia SIM provides everything that you need in an outsourced partner. Customer support, strong working relationships, a can-do attitude and a 365 day 24/7 availability.Why not partner with SIM. Let Malaysia SIM assist your company in developing that much needed competitive business edge.