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Print advertising from SIM Malaysia Design Outsourcing is the key to promoting your brand online or offline. While some believe that the importance of print advertising will soon take a back seat to the endless potentials of the Internet, the numbers continue to prove time and time again that print advertising is still king.

The difference between the print world and cyber space depends heavily on attention span and shelf life. While you may get many more impressions online, the eyes that see your print ads will be moving slower and more likely to stop and read your message.

Also important to note, when it comes to print advertising, design isn't everything. In some cases, the more aesthetically pleasing ad under performs considerably.

Print Advertising - Experience makes things work

Years of research on how the eye moves across the spread of a magazine and how fonts and colors affect comprehension levels reveal interesting tips for marketers.

While some famously branded companies can get away with just about anything in terms of ad design, most companies would do well to consider this research when devising a successful print ad campaign. We provide services on both Mac and Windows platforms.

We have excellent infrastructure including broadband internet for delivery of fast and quality online services.

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Our end to end digital service combines state-of-the-art technology and world class expertise in content creation, conversion and management to exploit opportunities in digital publishing. As a full-service outsourcing provider, we help our customers concentrate on building strong, profitable businesses in their core areas. Our mission is to provide quality service consistently to every customer. Our endeavour is to provide fast turnaround at affordable prices without sacrificing quality. We believe that quality in a service organization would mean achieving 100% customer satisfaction, which results in building a relationship and goes beyond the delivery of physical products and services.

A simple yet complex interdependent relationship founded on faith and trust.

We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers as dependable partners in their business. We offer the best turn around time, as our managers are well versed with the timelines and strict deadlines involved in this dynamic industry. The best part is that we offer prices which are unbelievable and very hard to find anywhere in the market yet maintaining quality of the highest order.