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A book jacket is the first impression and initial step to communicate to the reader. The design should be powerful enough to take the reader to the inside pages. A seriously well designed book and magazine covers are very crucial and should convey the right picture about the book/magazine. Magazine projects ranges from publications to service and product based periodicals through monthly magazines with specific deadlines. The magazines may even be of hundreds of pages.

SIM Malaysia graphic Design makes magazine design stands out from the crowd

SIM Malaysia Graphic Design team consists of highly creative professionals such as Art Directors, Senior Graphic Designers, Copy Writers and Production Managers who visualize better results for your book/magazine. Our team understands your magazine and book inside out from front cover to back side cover. SIM Malaysia Design understands the magazine or book is your livelihood for many businesses. If not appealed, advertisers and subscribers and even distributors may be rejecting it causing a huge financial loss.

A well designed book jacket is a beautiful face of the book

An attractive cover design visually conveys a book's message and can generate feelings of excitement and anticipation for discovering further adventures or insights. The success of a book is largely judged by its cover! The cover design should be insightful to and appeal visually to your target audience; a well designed cover gives your book more value. At SIM Malaysia Graphic Design, we understand the value of your book; the time you dedicated in writing it. We ensure we will give a great cover page design to it, which will be a value addition for your book.

Your readers will love to continue reading SIM Malaysia designed book or magazine

SIM Malaysia Graphic Design, an expert and professional Graphic Design offshore outsourcing company in Malaysia facilitates high-quality and very illustrious Page Layout design service for you. In the era of technological excellence, time-worn Page Layout of magazines, books or any publication hardly appeals to the modern readers. Putting emphasis only on the cover page design is not at all effective now. The wrong typography, inappropriate leading, disorder in spacing, poor or clumsy layout design can be repulsive to reader's mind. In contrast, a cool, attractive and relevant magazine/book, consider the Page Layout service of SIM Malaysia Graphic Designs. We'll turn your manuscripts or raw files into professionally-designed, elegant, reader-friendly magazine/book. We excel in QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop in any version according to your requisition. We deliver your manuscript in printer-ready PDF/EPS file. Page Layout Design or Page make-up design service at SIM Malaysia Graphic Design is very cost-effective, lower than any other outsourcing company. But we deliver 100% quality project within the timeframe. Even with tight deadlines, our graphic design team makes sure work is given on time as error free print ready files.