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Brochure design for print and web

Brochures are single or multi-sheet informational or promotional documents usually printed in full color (four colors). A brochure explains your company's goals, values and who you really are. With brochure you can tell these feelings effortlessly and clearly. A well designed brochure convinces clients that their search for a relevant business they are looking for is over. A great brochure is all about great design and clear copy writing.

How Malaysia Brochure Design do it for your business ?

At SIM Malaysia Graphic Design , we usually have a meeting with designer, art director, copy writer and photographer before finalizing a brochure, catalogue, poster, newsletter or other communication materials. We discuss the content, visual and the key message to be delivered through the brochure. It is also important that the client is involved in the beginning to avoid costly and tedious redesign or rewriting of the brochure. The best way is to do copy and design jobs simultaneously. Whether you want a corporate brochure, product brochure or folder, we come up with a thematic design, which solves the purpose of conveying your message to the target audience. Our professional brochures reflect customized design and are of different sizes and shapes depending on your requirements. We design and produce product catalogues, annual reports, folders, fliers and newsletters. Before going for brochure design, we ask you to determine the objectives - whether it is a product brochure, sales brochure, self mailer, trade-show presence brochure, a point of sale display or just another marketing effort. And we strive to know your exact audience, as well. While designing the samples, the copy is also written. The samples give an idea of the size, shape and colors. At SIM Malaysia Brochure Design, we give you an idea on how your brochure will compare with a competitor's.

Pricing for Printing

How much it all costs? We have some layout ideas to save costs. We may even experiment with colors (1, 2 or 4) to get maximum impact with less. There are all sorts of costs involved, designer, writer, photographer and printing. Also, the type of paper used, colors, shape and size of brochure, everything is included in determination of the cost if printed.