Digital Marketing Research

Research in digital marketing is the core of our strategy. With a wide range of our own research tools and third-party SEO tools, SIM is able to identify your target audience, their buying behaviors, their demographics and the search patterns helping us to finalize the perfect digital strategy. SIM carefully examine the research data and utilize this into market segmentation analysis and customer interesting content creation.

SIM divides the identified target markets into be set of customers and their needs and finalizes the most effective channels for your website promotion. Once this done, We concentrate on customer analysis for creating effective content and campaigns for reaching out the key people we target.

The well researched data is highly influential in designing the website, content creation, keywords, website structure, off-page SEO activities and so on.

Competitor analysis

Competitors are your best friends in digital technology. SIM uses their efforts to our own advantage by spying what they do. We identifies your competitors, their online and offline strategies, SEO rankings, keywords and uses the gained insights to plan our campaign with the most efficient way.

Identifying your direct competitors and their profile is important to know their geographical locations, keywords customers uses to enquire. We analyse keywords and phrases of many more websites to find out your exact competition. We then dig deep into how they make conversions, on what keywords they get sales, how their content helps them to achieve traffic and utilizes the knowledge to our own digital marketing efforts.

We are not stopping here. Continuous research and competitor analyse is must for any SEO campaign otherwise like any other campaigns, time is money and competitors will surge ahead of you.